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The Wellington Opera Trust is a charitable organisation that will foster the development and performance of opera, for the benefit of audiences and artists connected to the greater Wellington region.

The Wellington Opera Trust is chaired by past mayor of Wellington Dame Kerry Prendergast, with trustees Dr Tony Crutchley (Deputy Chair), John Boshier (Treasurer), Sally Abernethy, Jan Dunne, Jenn Little and Matthew Ross.

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Wellington Opera has donee organisation status with the IRD.

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PO Box 17371
Wellington 6147

Charities Services registration number: CC57034
Companies Office  number: 50011520
NZBN number: 9429047714274
IRD number: 130-548-075

Dame Kerry Prendergast


CHAIR, WELlington Opera TrUst

I am delighted to be involved in a new trust bringing more opera to Wellingtonians. It has made a fantastic debut: stunning Kiwi singers back in NZ due to Covid19, beloved Mozart music, and collaborating with other Wellington arts organisations. New life breathed back into Wellington’s arts scene so we can continue to call Wellington the Cultural Capital. -Kerry



A huge thank you to the supporters, funders, benefactors and trustees, who have backed the concept of Wellington Opera to the point that we can bring new opera to life in Wellington, with all the opportunities that means for artists and audiences, in Wellington and beyond. -Matthew